Business Consulting

  • Purchase and sale of companies
  • Companies and funds
  • Business law on rent
  • Financing (capital procurement)
  • Succession, planning and restructuring
  • Directorships
  • Sole distributorships and commercial Agents

Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine provide advice on legal matters pertaining to the business sector.
We participate in negotiations with both Danish and foreign parties, in which we contribute with legal knowledge and commercial experience. We carry out preparation and advise on commercial contracts, including interpretation of existing contracts.

Companies and Funds

Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine provide advice with regard to limited companies and private companies, partnerships, funds and associations. Our lawyers have many contacts in the business sector and have directorships in a number of companies and funds. This gives us a significant insight into and experience of commercial matters, which our clients benefit from.

Our advice covers e.g.:

  • Setting up business in Denmark,
  • Choice of establishment form,
  • Company formation,
  • Holding structures,
  • Shareholder and participation agreements,
  • Management contracts,
  • Issues concerning the board of directors,
  • Annual reports and audits,
  • Merger, splits and reorganisation of companies.

Business law on rent

Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine advises business landlords, tenants and business property administrators on rental, including the preparation and negotiation of rental contracts. We provide advice about the duty of offer to landlords according to the rent act when selling buy to let properties.


Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine specialise in financing (capital procurement) particularly with regard to start-ups, innovation and expansion of business, including new and existing business areas.

Succession Planning and Restructuring

Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine give advice on succession planning in family run businesses, whether they are run as personal operations or as companies. Succession planning can also be carried out with regard to other than family members, e.g. the company’s employees.

Implementation of succession planning often requires planning of a more long-term nature. It could be necessary with a changed company structure (restructuring) on financial, tax related and personal grounds. The restructuring could e.g. relate to separation and consolidation of businesses, establishment of holding companies, subsidiaries and funds.

The purpose of planned succession planning and if necessary, restructuring is often that successors or others can take over the company in a form that is appropriate to their needs and means. We take care of a joint solution, where both financial and personal matters are coordinated and discussed with the client, including value optimisation in use of e.g. tax free company reorganisation, tax free splits or other tax free forms of restructuring.

Management Positions

Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine carry out duties as members of management in e.g. other limited companies and partnerships. A major part of our lawyers’ time is spent on advising management, both as members of the board of directors and as general business advisors. We are able to assist management from both a legal and business perspective.

Sole Distributors and Commercial Agents

Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine provide advice on all matters concerning sole distributor and agency matters, and we consider ourselves to be among the leading specialists in this area.

We have considerable experience of conducting litigation on compensation for loss of goodwill in connection with termination of agency and sole trader contracts.

If you have questions, please contact:

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