Litigation & Arbitration

Traditionally, litigation has been one of the absolute core competences of Danish lawyers. However, this is no longer the case. We have drawn the consequence of this development and declared it our goal to maintain the highest degree of expertise within the traditional legal discipline of litigation and to continuously develop our skills to stay one step ahead of our counterparties.

The lawyers of our firm have represented clients in some of the most important and comprehensive legal proceedings in Denmark, including the “Farum case” and the so-called Corporate Raider cases, the “Roskilde Bank case”, the “Amagerbank case”, the “Eik Bank case”, the “Tvind case”, and the “Se- og Hør case

We have considerable experience and a long tradition within the field of court procedures and litigation. The importance of thorough preparation, planning and handling of both questions of formality and substance on the outcome of court and arbitration hearings cannot be underestimated. Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine has specialised in successfully handling all aspects of litigation and arbitration proceedings and our lawyers are trained carefully to think one step ahead.

We evaluate the need for expert surveys, clarify which documents are relevant and which document are not appropriate for submission as evidence, call the necessary witnesses and summon or consult the appropriate professionals to build the case.

Evidence, e.g. documents and statements, which are not submitted with the court when writs are exchanged and the case, is being prepared for the final hearing cannot be submitted after the court has closed the preparation and the date of limitation has been reached. Thus it is of great importance that strategic decisions concerning evidence are taken early in the process.

Our advice always includes guidance on and consideration of the possibilities of an amicable settlement. We do not hesitate to inform our clients if they have a weak case and should seek to settle the case. Neither do we hesitate to inform our clients if a strong case should be settled from a cost-benefit perspective.

Our law firm has represented clients in some of Denmark’s largest court cases, including the Farum-case, and we are currently representing clients in the Amagerbank case, the Roskilde Bank case, the Eik Bank case and the Tvind case.


Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine have considerable experience of assisting clients in both Danish and International arbitration cases. We are able to assist in both English, German and the Scandinavian languages.

We have lead cases before the International Court of Arbitration – within the organisation of the International Chamber of Commerce – (ICC arbitration), The Danish Court of Arbitration (Det Danske Voldgiftsinstitut), The Danish Arbitration Board for the Construction Industry (Voldgiftsnævnet for Bygge- og Anlægsvirksomhed) etc.

Since arbitral awards may not be challenged through appeal, the planning and handling of arbitration proceedings is of significant importance. The lawyers of Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine are aware of this fact and act accordlingly when clients entrust us with the handling of international arbitration cases.

Law Firm Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine is furthermore a member of The Danish Arbitration Association.

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