Private Law

Employment Law

Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine give advice on matters pertaining to employment law for companies as well as employees.

The advice relates e.g. to:

  • Negotiation and preparation of management, employment, consultancy contracts etc.
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation clauses.
  • Proof of employment certificates.
  • Warnings, notices of termination/dismissals and exclusions.
  • Matters relations to sole distributors and commercial agents.

Law of Inheritance

Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine advise on all areas of inheritance. If you are a private individual or commercial operator with your own operation/company – the requirements vary and the solutions are individual. Our advice takes into account the client’s special requirements and adapts it accordingly.

We undertake e.g.:

  • Drawing up wills.
  • Representation of heirs in connection with the administration of the estate of the deceased.
  • Duties of probate guardian.
  • Advice relating to renunciation of inheritance.

Handling of Estates

Our specialist knowledge and practical experience with the implementation of handling of estates is extensive. We regard administration of estates as a total solution, where we take on all matters associated with the handling of the estate – both legal and practical.

  • We investigate hereditary matters.
  • Obtain clarification of the estate’s liabilities.
  • Take care of contacting the Probate Court, the tax authorities and other public authorities.
  • We take care of activities, including property, securities, operations etc.
  • Draw up the necessary accounts for the Probate Court and the tax authorities.
  • Take care of the distribution of the net estate after payment of potential estate tax.

Law of Torts

If you or your company has suffered a loss or been the victim of an accident in certain cases compensation can be claimed. According to Danish law punative damages does not exist.
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Succession Planning and Restructuring

Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine give advice on succession planning in family run businesses, whether they are run as personal operations or as companies. Succession planning can also be carried out with regard to other than family members, e.g. the company’s employees.

Implementation of succession planning often requires planning of a more long-term nature. It could be necessary with a changed company structure (restructuring) on financial, tax related and personal grounds. The restructuring could e.g. relate to separation and consolidation of businesses, establishment of holding companies, subsidiaries and funds.

The purpose of planned succession planning and if necessary, restructuring is often that successors or others can take over the company in a form that is appropriate to their needs and means.

We take care of a joint solution, where both financial and personal matters are coordinated and discussed with the client, including value optimisation in used of e.g. tax free company reorganisation, tax free splits or other tax free forms of restructuring.

Restructuring could also be relevant in situations in which a company wishes to be sold to a third party. Often a higher price can be achieved for a company, which appears to be structured and lean, it is important that the values should be brought to the fore before it can be assessed and sold.


Whether you are married, cohabiting, single with or without children, there will always be a need to come to a decision on what will happen to your assets when you are no longer around.
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Marriage Settlements

A marriage settlement is a special agreement that can be drawn up between married couples. In the marriage settlement a number of matters, financial and legal in character can be agreed, should it be separation of complete property or separation of property in case of separation or divorce. Who should have the summerhouse and how should the pensions be divided in the event of a divorce.

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