French/Danish Legal Matters

Our office provides specialist consultancy to both companies, financial institutions and private individuals on Danish-French legal matters. We emphasize the importance of maintaining a presence in an international context in order to be able to offer the best possible legal advice across national frontiers with an understanding of both linguistic and cultural differences. Thus, in addition to our Copenhagen office, we are firmly rooted on French soil with business partners in both Nice and Paris.

Anne Mie Lund has operated a practice in France for a number of years and has extensive experience of advising both Danish/Scandinavian clients on French legal matters and French clients on Danish legal matters.

Our consultancy includes the following key points:

In France:

  • Company formation, set-up and operation of companies in France
  • International contract law
  • French employment law
  • Commercial agent and sole distributor agreements
  • International arbitration and consideration of French lawsuits
  • Tax law issues
  • French bankruptcy proceedings and debt recovery
  • Raising of mortgages and charging orders on French properties
  • International administration of estates
  • Purchase and sale of real estate in France
  • Creation of French SCIs, including non-capital contributions and capital increases
  • French wills, marriage settlements and pre-/post-nuptials

In Denmark:

  • Creation and operation of French companies in Denmark
  • International contract law
  • Employment law
  • Commercial agent and sole distributor agreements
  • Arbitration and hearing of legal proceedings
  • Bankruptcy proceedings and debt recovery in Denmark

In addition, we are represented in the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce.

Advice on Franco-Danish legal matters is provided by Anne Mie Lund, a lawyer, in association with French lawyer Gaëlle Lecointe.

If you have questions, please contact:

Anne Mie Lund
Tel: +45 33 13 69 20